City nights

The night that was ~ 23/04/2017
As deep darkness spread over city night I gazed deep into the dying light, It smoothly transcended into silhouettes Forming deft pieces of animated cutouts, Then melting into intriguing human forms I stalked till they died to city norms.

24/04/2017 (C) MouD

Heaven Sent

Calmness haiku

Living quiet evenings
Sipping in the ice calmness
You are heaven sent

(c) MouD

Daily salsa

Thursday haiku

Danced onto the wheels
Doing wobbly salsa moves
Sparkled like a queen

(C) MouD


Saturday 25th haiku

The deadly shudders
Tears, despair, loss of hope
Rains pelt weeping face


Tuesday rain haiku

Tiny drop trickles
Slurs down my earthy brown cheek Tickles me, I laugh

(C) MouD September 2014

So what you didn't come?

So what you didn’t come
I sat by the window
Looked up to the playful sky
Winked at the stars
Smiled naughty at the crescent moon
The moon decked in glitters
Ready to have a ball
We exchanged glances
With throbbing hearts
Told our endless stories
Held hands, tickled and tapped
We went for a never ending waltz
The stars twirled and giggled
The night mysterious
Endless and enigmatic
So what you didn’t come?

(C) MouD June 2011